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Originally Posted by Qk Mehsood View Post
The answer is Alexander Hamililton as he founded the Fedralist party and later this party with some ideological changes became whig or republican party and so on.....Thomas jeferson quite an opposition to this party.
The paper was easy overall and we must expect any thing in these three papers of GENERAL KNWOLEDGE.
because these are General knwoledge papers not restrcted to current affairs only.
Brother!You look a srious aspirant and also having the potential to pass ignore today paper and just put your maximum effrt that all what we do.
The American two-party system began to emerge as political parties coalesced around competing interests. A Congressional caucus, led by Madison, Jefferson and William Branch Giles, began as an opposition group to Hamilton's financial programs. Hamilton and his allies began to call themselves Federalists. The opposition group, now called the Democratic-Republican Party by political scientists, at the time called itself Republicans.

Source: Wikipedia
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