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Originally Posted by irtaza27 View Post
International LAW
Environmental science or gender studies?
Town planning or History of USA?
I have a background in Civil engineering, what should i opt? Env science or GS and Town or History?

Recently both Town planning and History have shown a negative trend.
Keep the trend aside, and find out your interest as well as potential in a subject instead while focusing on your background; keenly observe the past papers and the concerned syllabus.
I am pretty sure that US history will breed good result this time. However, If you are NOT good in US history then town planning for an engineer is considered one of the background subjects and it isn't a bad choice to go for.
Moreover, both ES and GS are good to opt, having their own merits. ES may help you in GSA up to some extent but GS syllabus is very short and it is helpful in English Essay as every year one Essay is confirmed from GS Area; therefore, select them on your potential and interest based.
At last, listen to your heart. Don't let others implement their own interest upon you. If you prepare a subject well then how will it NOT Troth with you

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