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Originally Posted by The dream of rain View Post
Are modern wars holy wars?

1. Introduction

2. What are holy wars?

3. history of holy wars

4. Modern wars are not holy wars:

a. Economic wars:

i. US-China trade war

ii. US sanctions on Iran

b. Information wars:

i. Google vs. Huawei 5g standoff

ii. social media as a information war agent

c. War of civilizations:

i. Clash of East vs. West civilization theory

ii. Islamic civilization vs. Western civilization

d. socio-political wars:

i. Ultra-nationalism:White supremacy

ii. US vs. Iran-China-Russia: middle east conflict

e. Religious wars:

i. Rising Islamophobia

ii. Emergence of Hindutava in India

5. Conclusion

With the dawn of human race. Mankind has waged wars for different reasons. Sometimes, for dominance, power or acquisition of territory. At other times, for personal, religious or political survival. History witnesses that there have been various forms of wars enraged by men. Standing by history it can be argued that modern wars, therefore, are not holy wars. The present, modern, time is confronted with distinct wars. Beginning with economic wars that includes instances like US-China trade conflict and sanctions of Iran. Followed by Information wars, civilizations' war, sociopolitical wars and, at-last, religious wars.Thus, holy wars were epoch of history that now constitute part of modern warfare.
You should mention in no unambiguous terms / one sentence why you think they aren't holy. E.g. because) there is no color of religion to them. Or because the warring parties are divided along non-religious lines.
Or because the interests being upheld are divergent from religion.

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