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Originally Posted by yasint View Post
Globalization is eliminating the third world culture
1. Global media is undermining the art/heritage culture of third world
• Global news like CNN and BBC on western rhetoric
• Pop culture from Hollywood and local music/film industry
2. Globalization is affecting is affecting the community cultural
• MNCs are promoting class segregation
• Western concept of individualism and society
3. Globalization is hampering the political culture of third world
• Promotion of western-styled democracy
• Imposition of western political system
4. Globalization is eliminating the economic culture of developing world
• IFIs and conditionalities e.g. IMF and Greek issue
• Disregard of indigenous needs and demands e.g. austerity measures
5. Globalization is changing the culture of life-style from third world
• Consumerism is affecting the moderate culture
• Urbanization in third world and intra-state migration e.g. capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is expanding every year.
6. Globalization is detrimental to moral culture of developing countries
• Pornography and morality
7. Globalization is disturbing the family culture of the third world
• Unrestrained wave of feminism insensitive to cultural values e.g. Orat march in Pakistan
8. Globalization is disparaging the legal culture of developing world
• Moratorium on death penalties
• International law is domination of western legal order
9. Globalization is removing the linguistic culture of third world.
• English as official language of Pakistan and India.
• UN and other IOs have English and French as languages for correspondence
10. Globalization is destroying the cultural product and industry of third world
• Foreign products replacing culture of sewing and handmade pottery.
• Traditional products are being replaced by imported cheap products
11. Globalization is affecting the culinary culture of developing countries
• Popular food chains are replacing local foods
• Gorge Ritzer’s thesis: McDonaldization of Society
12. Globalization is putting a heavy toll on agricultural culture of third world
• Farmers are not able to compete with imported products
• Wage-earning society and aversion towards agriculture
13. Globalization is distressing the business culture of third world
• Mexico’s tuna fish and American sanctions just to impose American culture
14. Globalization is eliminating the religious culture of third world
• Secularism and agnosticism vs Islam and Islamic states
15. Globalization is impacting educational culture of third world
• Inclination towards science subjects
• Aversion to social and cultural subjects e.g. history etc
16. Globalization is damaging the environmental culture of developing world
• Dumping of waste products e.g. Spanish company dumped in Ivory Coast etc.

Brother, first Introduction and conclusion heading is missing. Kindly take a time to arrange essay, outline should have proper structure.

Second, your sequence is disorganized. thoughts should be logically arrange as FPSC demands. At one time, your outline talk about social aspect followed by economic side and suddenly jumping back to social, political followed by economics at other. look at 3,4 and 7,8,9... then again 10, 11,12...
third, headings still are ambiguous they do not covey direct point u want to make. Need to work on it.

fourth, "Globalization is changing the culture of life-style from third world" Isn't culture itself a "life-style?" Kindly 'educate me' about this?

fifth, avoid "or,/" in your outline statements.

finally, it seems your concept is still a bit unclear and you are in hurry while making it.
Take your time, understand it, think over it, think How-part more clear. And, for your ease, you can divide outline in 'social, political, economic and so on aspects. It will help you arranging thoughts.
Hope it helps!
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