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Default 2019-New war fronts lie in economic zones

Fellow aspirants, and seniors kindly evaluate and give your feedback.
@Aishalam, @sir RAZ...

New war fronts lie in economic zones

1. Introduction
2. Past of war fronts: sporadic beginning of economic wars:
3. New war fronts lie in economic zones:how?:

a. US-China trade war
b. China's belt and road initiative
c. Brexit: UK's economic war
d. FATF: India's economic maneuvering against Pakistan
e. US-Venezuela crisis: America's economic gains
f. US sanctions on Iran: An economic war
g. US presence in Indo-pacific: A fight for natural resources
h. Countries shift toward China: an example of economic war

4. Impacts of economic wars:
a. Change in power dynamics: unipolarity to multipolarity
b. Rise of new world powers
c. Increase in regional disputes
d. Lead to conventional war between countries
e. Economic depression in countries
f. Worsening socio-economic conditions of countries
g. Denial of other factors for global development
h. Threat to World peace.

5. Conclusion
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