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please comment on my essay!!! thanks

Globalization: a new form of colonialism
Thesis statement: globalization is a domination of western world. It a new form of imperialism with its new manifestations.
Exposition of globalization:
• Three waves of globalization
• Definition of globalization
• Manifestation of globalization
• Globalization as promoter of westernization
• Relationship between globalization and colonialism
Understanding of changing concept of colonialism
Colonialism as primitive concepts
Colonialism after WW2 in the guise of globalization
• Dependence theory and Marxists
• Neo-colonialism: a form of westernization
Globalization is promoting westernization: a new form of colonialism
1. Globalization promotes the economic dominance of western world
• West-controlled IFIs e.g. IMF and their conditionalities
• WB and debt politics
• WTO and free trade and deregulation.
• Western MNCs exploits developing world e.g. child labour, consumerism, tax evasion, exploitation of resources, damaging local industry
• Concept of “Dependency Theory”.
2. Globalization supports the political supremacy of western
• Dominated IOs e.g. five members of UNSC
• imposition of Western Democracy with sanctions
3. Globalization keeps cultural superiority of western world
• Global media and pop culture
• Dominance of English as linguistic culture
• McDonaldization of society by Geroge Ritzer
• Emerging individualism against collectivism
• Changing morality/ethical values e.g. night clubs and adult parties
• Wave of unrestrained feminism
• Western life style in clothes and food preferences
4. Globalization sustains legal priorities of developed world
• International law is an outcome of European legal order e.g. ICJ dominated by western powers.
• UNGA has a recommendatory standing, real power lies with UNSC
• Forced Harmonization by Rodrick
5. Globalization gives path to environmental exploitation of third world e.g. dumping of Radioactive material by a Spanish company in Ivory Coast.
6. Globalization promotes western education e.g. business schools/NGOs around the globe endorses liberalism
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