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Default Islamphobia OUTLINE

1.Introduction: Islamphobia is prevalent in western media and it is label just proclaimed for Muslims and their religion (Islam).
Islamphobia is a hatred,prejudice,bias or fear of Islam and its follwers (Muslims).
3.History of islamphobia:
a) First used by Alain Quellein in his Thesis Work.
b).In 90's translated as 'ruhab al-Islam'
c)Runnymede report eight closed points about this term.
a)September 11Attacks
b)Islamic state of Iraq.
c)Terror attacks in Europe and USA .
d)Increase presence of Muslims in Europe and USA.
e)Islam's universal dominance as worlds second religion.
a)Positive image of Islam.
b).Role of OIC .
c).Integration of Muslim Ummah.
d).Cultural Exchange opportunities.
e)Religious freedom.
f)Controlling negative propaganda.
Always start from complex path......
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