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Originally Posted by azam shahzad View Post
1.Introduction: Islamphobia is prevalent in western media and it is label just proclaimed for Muslims and their religion (Islam).
Islamphobia is a hatred,prejudice,bias or fear of Islam and its follwers (Muslims).
3.History of islamphobia:
a) First used by Alain Quellein in his Thesis Work.
b).In 90's translated as 'ruhab al-Islam'
c)Runnymede report eight closed points about this term.
a)September 11Attacks
b)Islamic state of Iraq.
c)Terror attacks in Europe and USA .
d)Increase presence of Muslims in Europe and USA.
e)Islam's universal dominance as worlds second religion.
a)Positive image of Islam.
b).Role of OIC .
c).Integration of Muslim Ummah.
d).Cultural Exchange opportunities.
e)Religious freedom.
f)Controlling negative propaganda.
Brother, here are some points i wanna raise:
First, you can just give heading of "definition," its not mandatory to write about it. (Also, not obligatory to 'just give heading of definition.' But i prefer the former way).

Second, 3 (b) and (c) are ambiguous. Rephrase them. And, write complete year 1990s not otherwise.

Third, there are other "causes" of Islamophobia as well like Western media campaigns against Islam, branding Muslims as terrorists, false linkages with terror and etc... (you can read online about it)
Plus, arrange your ideads under "causes" in an order. Seem disorganized. 4-(d and e) are contradictory.

Hope it helps!
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