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Default 2018 Pair of Words

2018 Pair of Words

Meaning: Emotionally hardened, showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.
Use in sentence: His callous comments about the murder made me shiver

Meaning: a thickened and hardened part of the skin or soft tissue, especially in an area that has been subjected to friction.
Use in sentence: The exposed surface will quickly form healing callus

Meaning: brought into life by birth
Use in sentence: She was born in 1950.

Meaning: past participle of bear
Use in sentence: The weight was more than could be borne by a lone man

Meaning: Feeling weak and dizzy and close to losing consciousness; (of a sight, smell, or sound) barely perceptible; (of a hope or chance) possible but unlikely; slight.
Use in sentence: The faint murmur of voices. There is a faint chance that the enemy may flee. The heat made him feel faint

Meaning: a mock attack or movement in warfare, made in order to distract or deceive an enemy; make a deceptive or distracting movement, especially during a fight.
Use in sentence: Adam feinted with his right and then swung a left.

Meaning: A small inflatable rubber boat
Use in sentence:Take a dinghy with you on the beach.

Meaning: Gloomy and drab
Use in sentence: A dark, dingy little shop that always smelt faintly of cigarettes.

Meaning: not firmly fixed in place
Use in sentence: There were some loose wires hanging out of the wall.

Meaning: to no longer have something because you do not know where it is, or because it has been taken away from you
Use in sentence: I've lost my ticket.

Meaning: become weaker; falter or move in a quivering way; flicker.
Use in sentence: His love for her had never wavered or The flame wavered in the draught

Meaning: to give up or forgo (a right, claim, privilege, etc.)
Use in sentence: The bank manager waived the charge as we were old and valued customers.

Meaning: break off or cause to break off, owing to a structural strain
Use in Sentence: The gear sheared and jammed in the rear wheel

Meaning: nothing other than; unmitigated; complete; utter
Use in Sentence: She giggled with sheer delight.

Meaning: One who resist some change
Use in Sentence: Gandhi was a great resister of British imperialism.

Meaning: a device having resistance to the passage of an electric current
Use in Sentence: Resistor are used to control the flow of the current.
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