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Default MCQs CSS Psychology 2020

MCQs Psychology 2020

1) A psychologist who is only interested in theory for development is focused on: (a) concurrent validity (b) construct validity (c) predictive validity
2) Difference between classical and operant conditioning is: Ans- voluntary behavior
3) G Factor is : Ans- correlated intelligences
4) __ is focused on a short cut in problem solving: Ans- Heuristic method
5) The neurotransmitter for happiness: Ans - Dopamine.
6) _ lobe is involved in decision-making: Ans- Frontal Lobe.
7) ___ is a response or behavior is strengthened by removing a negative outcome: Ans -Negative reinforcement
8) __ talked of the importance of reliving childhood relationships Ans: Freud I am not sure of this mcq, all I know is that it involved Freud
9) Book reading is mainly due to one's _ : Ans-Intrinsic motivation
10) In a graph which has extreme values at one end is called _ : Ans-Skewed
11) A person's search for meaning in life is called: Ans- Existential
12) Reciprocal determinisim was given by: Ans - Albert Bandura
13) The examiner's beliefs affect the least in what kind of tests? Ans - Intelligence Tests I'm not sure of this answer
14) One mcq was regarding Theory of Planned Behavior (can't recall)

These are all I remember. Any corrections or additions are welcome.
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