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Default PMS essay tips

I would like to share some tips for essay paper. I have passed essay thrice in PMS.

First, extract the keywords from the statement. Make sure to give each part its share in the introduction. Don't quote definitions or irrelevant facts.

Second, you can shape the body of essay using SWOT technique. It is better to write simple sentences. Again, stick to keywords. Make sure you have discussed the keywords in each paragraph.

Lastly, draw your outline first. After completing your outline, check the flow of ideas. But, how come you know that ideas are flowing in coherent manner? Let me give you an example. I wrote essay on "Strategic location of Pakistan". I used single idea in three different dimensions. So, as my teacher told me to give different angles of a single idea is coherence, I wrote "Gwadar port" in social,economical and political perspective. It was my first paragraph of mentioned sectors.

TRY TO WRITE SIMPLE ENGLISH. This paper is of bachelor level. Don't try to impress the examiner. Avoid "Indianism", as it leads to failure.

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