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Originally Posted by SaadKhanAJK View Post
Thankyou for sharing this valuable information, I wasnt familiar with the idea of recruitment at times of need, like one post from mirpur in 2019. Yes I have kept myself completely prepared, just waiting for the opportunity to come.
Moreover kindly tell about the Tehsildar posts, do they come along aswell or at other times

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Brother, each and every post in AJK is filled in the same way. Whenever there is a vacant post, the concerned department sends requisition to Public Service Commission for carrying out recruitment in accordance with perscribed rules.
As far as tehsildar is concerned, I had come to know some 5 or 6 months ago that there were few tehsildars whose services in revenue department were already surplus. That means revenue dept already has more tehsildars than required. Last time such posts were advertised in 2012. However, now the vacancies vacated by promotion of incumbent tehsildars will, most probably, be filled in by direct recruitment through Public Service Commission. Tehsildar vacancies might take some time to be advertised, however, some posts of Naib-Tehsildar may be announced in near future.
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