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Default The Understanding Of Covid 19

The Coronavirus is substantially understood as contagious, viral virus, and fatal. The contagious disease spreads through either physical contact (touching) like shaking hand, hugging or sneezing, coughing causing the infectious microbe to travel in air from infected person nearby being viral.

In addition, using the things touched by infected person, likewise things, clothes or places can be carrier of Coronavirus and affect anyone who is not infected. The Corona patients whose immune system is vulnerable they canít get survive due to unavailability of Coronavirus cure.

To deal with Coronavirus epidemic, there are very vital preventive measures/precautions to be gravely taken by individuals as well as people who work or run small businesses as standard operating procedures. Such as strengthening immune system, washing hands with water and soap or liquid soap, sanitising hands after some time in order to disinfect oneself.

The things or places can be sprayed to get disinfected outside home too. To distance yourself from each other with at least 2 meter(6 feet) and wear a mask to protect yourself and others to get impacted with Coronavirus because When an infected person coughs, throws thousands of droplets of saliva or agents of Coronavirus in air and sneezing is also virulent.

Those people who are positive are put into isolation/quarantine at the hospitals and those who have mild symptoms of Coronavirus must also be put into isolation/quarantine at the hospitals rather than in self isolation/self quarantine at home.

It would be very arduous to distance family members from Corona patient to get infected as one never knows when mild symptoms turn into severe symptoms of Coronavirus and also owing to unusage of protection kits by family members at home being dangerous and hazardous. The people should stay home and be socially distanced outside in case of any kind of lockdown accordingly in the country.

Written by Shahjehan Soomro
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