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Default Vocabulary words I learnt the hard way

- The complete range of something.
jaisy koe acha actor hai aur woh sary emotions achy sy nibha pata hai camera k samny
ronay k, hansny k to hm khain gy kh us k pas gamut of emotions hain
jaisy prism hota hai aur roshni dalty hain to 7 colors mein divide ho jati hai to
isy kehty hain VIBGYOR
- I am used to expressing whole gamut of emotions from happiness to sorrow in my stories.
- spectrum, range, extent
- kisi chez sy bchna, tal matol krna, kisi chez sy bachny ki koshish krna
- She gave an evasive answer when I confronted her.
- not honest, direct nae tha, non-commital
jaisy koe admi camera sy bchny ki try kr ra hai to woh camera ko evade kr ra hai yani us
sy bchny ki koshish kr ra hai.
jaisy me ny koe movie dekhi aur woh stale thi to mtlb yh kh woh purani nae blkh boring thi
boring k liay kuch achy words use hoty hain jaisy
- Trite, banal,Haccneyed, platitude, prosaic
- Viewers were bored by the stale story line of his new movie.
- bhochaka reh jana, chaunk jana,
- A sudden bright light in my study room startled me.
- to get surprise or frighten
- flabbergast(syn)
koe chez
koe jurm jo bhut ziada ghinaona hai jaisy koe rape hai
jaisy woh picture jo syria k eik bachy ki hai jis ka name omrad dakneesh
ISIS bchu ko bhi spare nae krta
- marked by scandulous crime or vice
- Heinous, atrocious, villainous
- He was arrested and charged with spousal abuse because of his flagitious behavoiur.
farz krein ap k surrounding mein koe lr raha hai to us ki awaz kaisi ho gi
cacophony ho gi
- Harsh sound
- The cacophony of his wife shouting at him woke me up from sleep.
Gauge => kisi chez ko napna jaisy school sy ghr ka distance 200 kadam hai
- The nurse covered my wound with a small gauze.
- a very thin cloth, jis mein holes hoty hain aur ap us k andr dekh sakty hain
- loosely woven cotton that is used as a bandage.
Gauche: (French word)
Word power made easy
words k peechy kia khanian hain isy hm bolty hain etymology.
- Socially awkward, maladroit
France mein hota tha ziada tr log right handed thy laikin kuch log left-handed thy jinhain
ajeeb smjha jata tha unhain hm gauche kehty hain in k peechy bhut c stories bni huwi thi
kuch kehty thy yeh jo log hoty hain shaitan hoty hain, evil hain
Sinister => shaitan yani left handed logo ko sinister bolty thy
jo socilly ackward ho.
- jis mein koe hunar na ho usy kehty hain koe talent na ho usy maladroit bolty hain
- His gauche table manners irritate me, especially when she tries to talk with his mouth-full.
Evil, wicked
- Do it on your own peril.
Innocuous jo harmful na ho to yeh ulta hai
- During the sentensing hearing, the judge called the serial killer the most sinister man
he had ever met.
'greg' root word hai jha bhi aata hai is ka mtlb hota hai 'group' so here E means out so Egregious means out of the group. Exceptional.
Egregious mistake: aesi galti jo bhut bad ho ya harmful ho.
bhut he khrab kh asaani sy notice ho jaey
jaisy 'BUS STOP' ko agr hm likh dein 'BUS SOPT' to yh asani sy notice ho jaey ga
- flagrant, deplorable
- very bad and easily noticed.
-Student's exam was marred by a number of egregious(obvious, bhut khrab) errors in spelling.
- an examination of tissue removed from a living body to discover the presence, cause or extent
of a disease.
biopsy bhi 2 types ki hoti hai
koe tissue bhar nikal kr study kru ga
mery pas koe patient aaya aur bhut khans rha hai to me dekhu ga keh keh khi isy lung cancer
to nae hai is phly priliminary findings mein to me us ka X-ray chest ka ly chuka hu ga
aur meri prima facie findings co-relate ho jati hain to me lung ka eik tukra bhar nikalu ga
aur dekhu ga kh kia cancer k symptoms nzar aa raey hain aur disease hai ya nae hai ya kitna
phel chuka hai
- My grandmother had a bone marrow biopsy yesterday.
- Vicious circle
merciless, brutal, barbaric
- The police warned us that a vicious killer has escaped the prison.
- paycheeda, jo itna aasan na ho solve krna, complicated
Labyrinthine => jo kan(ear) hota hai us mein eik tube hoti hai usy labyrinth of the middle
ear to jo rasta jata hai to woh kaisa ha convoluted hai
- Pakistan income tax system is byzantine.
chronical jisy hm kehty hain date wise order krna
Chronology => study of time
jaisy 1526 mein kia huwa
- jb koe cheez kr di jo us time mein thi he nae
jaisy photo mein Abraham Lincoln ny radio uthaya huwa hai to radio to 1895 mein invent huwa
tha laikin Lincoln ki death to 1865 mein ho gae thi yani yeh cheez possible he nae hai
to yeh photo justified he nae hai
aesi chez jo us k timeperiod k hisab sy ho he nae skti
- the action of attributing something to a period to which it does not belong.
woh admi jo sexual relationship bhut rkhta hai
womanizer, ayyash
- A man who readily or frequently enters into casual sexual relationship with women, a womanizer
jb kisis kam ko krna pry laikin us mein interest na ho
jaisy ap ko eik page mila prhny ko laikin ap ka interest nae tha aur ap ny eik nzar mar li
- cursory reading jo nazar mar li deep nae gaey, superficial reading
- carried out(to do) without interest, feeling or effort.
He wanted to be the main lead in the play but when he was given a subordinate role he completed
the act in a perfunctory manner.
himat kr k kisi sy jwab mangna
jaisy teacher ny mjy fail kr dia to mjy andr he andr bhut bura lg ra tha eik din about 5 months
later me ny himat kr k us sy ja kr poch lia kh ap ny mjy fail kio kia to me ny usy confront kia
- kisi sy behs krny ki niyat sy jana
- come face to face with hostile or argumentative intent.
- Russian government needs to confront the doping issue of their athletes immediately.
dhoka dena,
koe aesi chez jo hai he nae, jaisy aankhu ka chakma
aesi zuban jo doosru ko chkma deny k liay use ki jaey
- language or behavior that is false or meant to deceive people.
- The story of the ghost and UFOs(Uran tashtri) is all hambug, is n't it?
witch jadugarni
aur jo woh krti hai usy bewitch khty hain
- to use magic to do someone do, think or say something: to put under a spell.
- Her dressing and makeup bewitched the audience.
Insolent behavior, rude, arrogant
- My cheating husband has the effrontery to accuse me of being disloyal to him.
koe chez hard ho jana yani pathar ki trh ho jana, rigid,
jb ap ki ability khatam ho jati hai
becoming rigid and unresponsive; losing the ability to adapt.
- Are things not going to change? Is society sclerotic as to be unable to adapt sensibly
to such situations.
tractable => flexible so intractable means inflexible
jis ka koe deen eeman nae hai
- corrupt, crooked
mercenary => aesa person jo paisy k liay kuch bhi kr skta hai
The venal policeman accepted the bribe offered him by the speeding motorist whom he had stopped.
greedy, lalchi
Avarice => Greed
2 things ko sath sath rkh dena jis sy un mein contrasting effect a jaey
jaisy 2 glasses hai aur ap un ko iktha rkh dein to ap ny usy juxtapose kr dia
- Place or deal with close together for contrasting effect
- Dreams of happiness were juxtaposed with dreams of sadness.
jaisy ghabra jana panic ho jana jaisy ap ka interview hony lga hai to ap panic ho jaen gy
- abject fear, alarm, bewilderment, confusion, dismay, dread, fright, panic
- The earthquakes in Gujrat have filled the entire nation with consternation.
mnmauji, amusing, hasi mazak wali
jaisy whimsical painting hoti hai
whimsical => unpredictable
capricious jis ka koe bhrosa nae
Frivolous, vascillate, imprudent,
- The whimsical music made me feel like a little kid again.
bhut he ziada pyari, khoobsoorat,
- beautiful, lovely
The wedding cake was absolutely exquisite, unlike any he had seen before.
Im meanz ulta
jis k pas koe paisa nae hai
insolvent ho gya hai pauper hai
jo bhikari hai impecunious
Since I grew up in an impecunious household, I know a great deal about surviving in very
aesa admi jo bhut shant hai
yani agr bhut ziada museebat bhi aa jaey to woh apna aapa nae khota jaisy Rahul Dravid
- calm, aplomb, composure or coolness shown in danger or under trying circumstances.
- Even as the building fell around him, the fireman maintained his sangfroid and rescued the
little girl.
Requiring a lot of effort, cumbersome, taxing, arduous, strenuous
Dashrat Manji jinhu ny poora mountain break kr dia with a hammer
- My duties were not onerous; I only had to greet the guests.
unhappiness, pain or suffering
jb ap bhut ziada saturnine ho jaty hain, gloomy, sullen, morose
mor sy bnty hain sary words, moribund, morose(very sad), mortal
- Her son's illness has been a great source of tribulation.
buri trh sy girna
tezi sy neechy aana
aaj share market 2500 point pr plummet ho gae.
jaisy plane gir raha hai to plummet ho ra hai
- an abundance of something
I have plethora of wealth.
- She has gathered a plantitude of information on this topic.
bhut imandari dikhana, honesty
moral ethics bhut achy hain
- the quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency
- An example of probity is a quality of that one expects to see in a policeman.
Vish ate means to spoil something
to spoil or impair the quality of
- The assets of our government have been vitiated by bad loans.
koe aesi cheez jo aap ny expect nae ki
generally in negative sense
- unexpected, inappropriate or inconvenient
jaisy kisi ka accident ho jaey to hm khain gy keh yh to untoward incident hai
- I wished him happy journey hoping nothing untoward happens to his plans.
kisi eik time ki koe khas bat yani us waqt mein kia chal raha hai
jaisy 1947 mein hamain aazadi mili to 1940 aur 1930 k jo nagmay thy yh us waqt ka zeitgiest
His songs perfectly captured the zeitgiest of 1940's in india.
koe kam krny sy hichkchana
acha word hota hai circumspect
zroorat sy ziada careful
- An example of chary is someone who always drives just below the speed limit.
jo bhut jaldi lrae krny pr aa jaey
- cantankerous, aggressively defiant
- defy kisi ki bat na man'na
- They behaved in the most high-handed, brutal and truculent manner.

Root word is Belli ==> war
belicose => jhgralu
kisi k aagy sir jhuka lena, yani naukar bn jana
jaisy many people promotion k liay apny boss k aagy kowtow ho jaty hain
obsequious, servile
fawning, buttering

Agr koe team harny wali thi laikin phr us ny top kia aur match jeet gai to us ny
resurgence kia hai
- He was calm and poised.
Bilateral Trade:
- aesi trade jo countries mein hoti hai
- many times (kae guna)

aesa right jo sirf khas logo ko muhaya ho.
Constitutional changes are exclusively the prerogative of the parliament.

Roll Out:
- to launch officially.
- A person or thing which causes great trouble or suffering.
Internal Calm
To pasify: kisi ko shant krna
Pacific Ocean: shant mahasagar
Peril, danger
Agr ap ny 8th mein position li phr 9th aur 10th mein bhi li to ap ny apni position ko
retain kia hai.
- create, establish
jis ko ap strong bna skty hain jaisy relationship.
Insinuation: Kaan bhrna

bujhana - candle bujhana ya zindgi bujhana
His life was snuffed out by sniper's bullet.
Doctors could not save him because his cancer had metastasized to the pancreas.
Curtains pr jo design bny hoty hain very exquisite type k.
complex thing jo aasani sy smjh na aaey.
I was amazed at his stance.
A small group of people with same interest.
- To encourage, to urge
He exhorted me not to give up on my dreams.
He exhorted me to work hard.
- to improve
You should ameliorate your english vocabulray.
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