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Default "Free speech should have limitations". Kindly provide your valuable comments.

“Free speech should have limitations “
1. Thesis statement:
Free speech is one of the basic fundamental human rights enshrined in the UNDHR and the constitution of pakistan. But its transgression of limits often results in violation of other human rights and causes various social evils. So, it must be checked within some well-designed boundaries.

2. Perils of Unchecked free speech:
2.1 Basic human rights i.e right to privacy, right to security etc are often violated in the name of free speech—Character assassinations, public persecution etc

2.2 Unbridled power to speak breeds hate speech— Sectarian killings in Pakistan, communal violence etc

2.3 Excessive free speech instigates intolerance in society—Narrowing space for minorities, violence related incidents etc.

2.4 It divides a society along social, religious and ethnic lines.

2.5 It challenges moral and social values of a society i.e propagation of vulgarity, indecency, pornography etc

2.6 Uncontrolled free speech can be a source of propaganda, misinformation and fake news.

2.7 It creates hurdles in the smooth functioning of the governments.

2.8 Unbounded freedom of expression sometimes challenges the principles of nationalism and patriotism in a nation state.

2.9 Global campaigns against Islam in the name of free speech and consequent Islamophobia.

3. Ways to define boundaries of free speech:
3.1 Social media platforms should be regulated to incorporate nation state’s guidelines to contain hate speech.
3.2 Legislative lacunas in containing fake news must be filled up.
3.3 Strict implementation of laws guaranteeing human rights must be ensured.
3.4 Laws against Libel , slander , pornography and obscenity must be strictly implemented.
3.5 Introducing censorship of internet where necessary without compromising the right to freedom of information and expression.
3.6 Awareness campaigns must be launched for voluntarily compromising free speech.
3.7 Role of religious leaders in checking the propagation of hate speech and extremism.
3.8 On a global level, designing a free speech policy to combat Islamophobia, Xenophobia and hate speech issues.

4. Conclusion
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