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Default Short Service Commission 2020-B Through Lateral Entry Experience

I would like to share my experience of test and procedure followed by PNR & SC, Karachi, in which I appeared today (17-09-2020).

I have applied for LT -PhD/MS/BE/BS (Electrical/Electronics/ EmbeddedSystems/ Com Sci/SoftwareEngg/Networking/Database) on basis of BS in Software Engineering, my test reporting time was 110 am. I reached to centre before 10 minutes of test (10:50 am). I had my mask but hand gloves were also required to enter in the centre. There was no facility to hand over or submit the mobiles to the administration or anywhere, fortunately I had my cousin with me so I gave my mobile to him.

After entering the centre, we were directed to visit first room one by one in a queue where an official person was just verifying the original NICs and picture with your face. That process took about 10 minutes as there was only one official who was verifying that process. Candidates were being criticized if someone had not attached recent picture with registration slip. After verification of picture, he stamped on registration slip and we were directed to visit a counter in queue by making a line.

There was no shelter, all candidates were lining up under open sky. There was very slow process, it took me an hour to reach that counter. On that counter, the person was taking fee of Rs. 300, verified my CGPA written on my last degree (BS in Software Engineering) and mentioned on that registration slip. He also stamped on that registration slip. The time reached to 12:10 PM, however my test time was 110 am and I had reached to centre 10:50 am. Anyways, the process was yet not over.

After that counter, we were asked to wait outside the test room, there was just a shelter without any facility of fan. We were asked to submit everything to a person who was being there for holding candidates' documents, bags and all other stuff including pen. We were allowed to enter in test room only with registration slip, NIC and wallet. But As I mentioned earlier that after finishing up from last counter came outside the test room about 12:10 PM, I didn't get my turn immediately. I waited till 2:20 PM outside that room to get my turn for test. When we were entering the PNR & SC centre, we were given token with a serial number, so officials were calling candidates as per their serial number. Finally I entered in the test room where i gave my tests at 2:20 PM.

About the tests... On computer screen, I entered my roll number written on registration slip and NIC number. After that first test started which was Intelligence test having 75 questions with 30 minutes deadline.

It contained mixed questions of verbal, non-verbal, sequence, percentage questions. For example, there was a series given that what will come next, in some questions, pictures were missing, in some questions very odd choice was to be identified, in some questions it was given that if dozen of pen is bought with this price, then what will be price of 4 pens, if father has age of sum of his two sons etc, if A can complete work in 5 days B can complete work in 20 days then in how many days both will complete the work, if a labour of 20 people produces 1200 orders in a month then how many people will be required to complete 1800 orders in a month. So all these type of questions were asked.
There were 4-5 general knowledge questions in it. I qualified it.

Tips which I followed for this and next test, I was just reading question and its choices only and only for 1-2 times not more than that, even if had doubt then I was just ticking the answer. If I was not getting sure of any question, I was just skipping it. You have option to skip the questions and answer them later, if you have remaining time. I had skipped about 10+ questions. I had reached to questions in 50+ when I had only 5 minutes left. Never leave questions. For first 25 minutes I was making sure to attempt correct questions as much as I can, so that it could help me secure max score, in last 5 minutes I was just in rush, read and tick option. I completed all questions. As there is no negative marking so you have edge of it to answer all questions and get max marks.

After completing the first test, two options appeared. One for electrical engineering test and one for computer science or IT test. I had done Software engineering so I chose computer science or IT test. Time for this test was 40 minutes with 100 Questions.

This test was appeared to only those candidates who qualified first test (intelligence).

This was totally subject based test. It included some linux command questions, 2-3 Operating system questions. 2-3 Forensic tool questions, 5-6 wireless networking hacking questions mostly options included wireshark tool, nessus something, 2 questions from OSI model, 2-3 questions from multiplexing technique, 1 question about ethical hacking type, 1 question about boxing unboxing, 2-3 questions about data times i.e int, sbyte, short, long, float. 2-3 questions about finding error in code unfortunately code was not displayed on screen. 2-3 questions about structure and classes, 2-3 questions from OOP i.e inheritance, abstraction, polymoriphism, 1 question was about c++ is which type of language i.e procedural, object oriented etc, 2-3 questions were about .net programming language. 2-3 questions were about computer registers, file system, ROM, RAM. 2-3 questions were about IP and static IP. 1 question was about ethernet range.

This test seemed to me easy as compared to first one. Of course, it contained wide range of topics but all were basic questions. I was able to attempt 50 questions in first 20 minutes. I had 10 minutes for last 10 minutes. So I completed the test within time. After that message was displayed that only shortlisted candidates will be called for further process. I will share my experience again, if I am being shortlisted for next process because I have heard that only qualifying the tests and process is not enough. They select only few top candidates for further process.

Please don't rely on above criteria, sometimes they just give a generic test from general knowledge and English grammar having zero questions from subject relevant questions. A senior had asked and suggested me to prepare for Pak study, Islamic studies, oceans, capitals, currencies, deserts, everyday science as in his test, there was no subject relevant question.

Computer and internet connection in test was very poor. After submitting the answer I had to wait for few seconds to load next answer, even 1-2 times I clicked twice on the next button, unfortunately by doing this, it was skipping questions. Mouse was barely in working condition, mouse clicks were not working properly. Many candidates were facing other kind of issues like, they were being logged out by system again and again. For some candidates question options were not displayed, others were getting internet connection issues.

Overall management was very poor. We the batch of 110 am were appearing in the test around 2:30 pm. So the batch of 10 pm was sitting in a very large queue without knowing limit of wait. There was no proper arrangement for providing suitable sitting area and drinking water facility, everyone was purchasing that on their own expenses.
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