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Default Current Affairs Series 👇🏻

The 2020 Olympics are now postponed to 2021. These games will be hosted in

(A) Beijing

(B) Tokyo

(C) London

(D) Moscow
Currently, ____ has the largest reserves of coal, while ___ is the largest producer of coal.

(A) Russia, Canada

(B) Canada, Russia

(C) China, United States

(D) United States, China
The headquarter of Transparency International is located in

(A) Berlin

(B) London

(C) Paris

(D) New York
United States in July 2020 declared that _____ is no longer an independent state.

(A) Taiwan

(B) Vietnam

(C) Hong Kong

(D) Afghanistan

1. (D) United States, China

2. (A) Berlin

3. (B) Tokyo

4. (C) Hong Kong

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