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Originally Posted by MonstarAshar View Post
Bhai saab. Most people dont browse this website anymore. Someone posted a thread regarding the rumors of latest FIA jobs just 2 threads before this one. You should learn to operate this website on your own. Also keep visiting FPSC and other private testing websites regularly to keep yourself updated.

No new vacancies have been announced YET. The last tests for AD and Inspector were held in late 2019 and early 2020 respectively. Till this corona virus crises blows over, there is no chance of new vacancies being announced.

However, like previous years there are rumors afloat for requisition for filling vacant FIA seats. Refer to the source link below for the rumor.


Notification Link
Brother do you have any idea why the AD FIA age limit is 28+5 instead of 30+5 for similar BPS17 jobs like AD IB, AD NAB?
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