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Dear All,

Sorry for skipping out on psychology and mercantile law earlier:

Mercantile Law:
I have never studied law in my life, I guess now that journalism would have been a better option. But I really enjoyed studying mercantile law, I took help from a law graduate who himself scored 72 in mercantile law in CSS exam. But it didn’t work out for me. However it was a good experience studying something different

I have done my masters in Applied Psychology from Punjab University Lahore. The books I consulted for CSS prep were:
•Gerrig, J. Richard & Zimbardo, G.Phillip. (2005). Psychology and Life. (17th Ed.). Dehli: Pearson Education in South Asia
•Morgan, C.T., King, R.A., Schopler,J. & Weisz, J.R. (1986). Introduction to Psychology. (7th Ed.). New York: Mc Graw Hill Book Company

Morgan’s book is an old book, but it’s great for beginners and you find lot of topics both for paper one and two in it. As for Gerrig and Zimbardo, it’s ‘the book’. It covers almost 80% of paper one and two. Well 80% of what I prepared, because I didn’t prepare 2 chapters each for paper I and II. As for Feldman, it’s a very good book, but I always preferred Morgan over Feldman during my graduation. And at master’s level it was Gerrig and Zimbardo.
David G. Myers is another great author. Make it a point; do not consult books by any Pakistani authors on psychology.
I would like to add that I was not happy with my psychology papers, I was able to answer 95% of MCQ’s correct but in the subjective part, I didn’t write very long answers. The reason being that we had semester system at PU, our papers comprised of MCQ’s, Fill in the Blanks, True False and Short Answers. I was just out of practice of writing lengthy answers as a result. But short answers practice really paid off, it trains one to remember the key phrases and stay to the point.

The name of book is 'psychology and life' it is mentioned after the year of publication(2005). Once you are through PU's applied psychology department, writing a book's reference in APA(American Psychological Association) format becomes second nature. This book is available in the market in paper back. i think the price is 625 Rs, dont get it photocopied. Same goes for David G. Myers, his books are now available in paper back (special edition for south asia) published by Tata-Mcgraw Hill in India.

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