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Default The Possibility of New Provinces in Pakistan

Source: paradigmshift_pk

A short summary of the article:

The people of Sindh, NWFP (now KPK), and Baluchistan felt deprived of their identity when General Ayub Khan (the then President of the country) established a ‘‘One Unit’’ to reduce administrative costs and provincial prejudices. It was even seen by East Pakistanis as an attempt to counterbalance the numerical strength of Bengalis.

Pakistan, even today, faces many movements demanding separate provinces from ethnicities like Saraikis, Hazaras, Mohajirs, among others.

The constitution of Pakistan, unlike the constitution of India, does not allow for the creation of new provinces. Even the merger of FATA and KPK has only modified the boundaries of an existing province.
Read the original article by visiting Paradigm Shift.

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