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Post Can SPS (NESCOM / PAEC etc..)employees apply for CSS?

Hi there, I am preparing for CSS, but this question hits me every time.

Can NESCOM employees or the employees serving in SPS(Special pay scales) apply for CSS? As these employees have signed a bond of 5 years for service. And just to clarify, I've heard, they allow NOCs only after 3 years of service at least.

So my question is that if an aspirant is really serious and passionate about CSS what should he do?

In my eye, I think, following options could be possible:

1). Go for CSS secretly without letting his department knowing and if he/she qualifies for written exam then resign from job with accepting the penalty (repaying the amount to the organization).

But my concern is it a bad thing if FPSC discovers???, I mean will it lead the person to disqualify from further attempts??.

2). Wait for 3 years to get NOC from Department,(which I've heard is a difficult process).

But my concern is if we see Department Approval Certificate (Annexure-E) onjn FPSC website it clearly states:
"I declare that the Department/Office in which I am serving is not an Autonomous/Semi- Autonomous body/organization."
But considering NESCOM/PAEC/SPD organization, they are Autonomous and semi-autonomous, which means they straight forward don't lie in eligibility criteria for applying CSS.

I would highly appreciate if any member who has gone through this same phase or knows any worth sharingt information...This will really help me and will releive my half stress.

Thanks for reading!
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