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Global Power Dynamics and Foreign Policy
of Pakistan

1.1- Insight into the changing global power
1.2- Pakistan's foreign policy-Irrational, generous and impulsive-everything a foreign policy should not be

2. Global Power Dynamics
2.1- Evolving from a Unipolar to a multipolar world with emerging
powers including China,India,Australia and Brazil
2. 2- Shifting balance of domination: Militarily to economically
- The US ending its military engagements in Afghanistan and
- -US-China trade war
-South China Sea controversy
-OBRI vs B3W
- Israel's domination in the middle east despite its size
2.3-Rise of China as the next superpower
2.4-The growing US-China conflict- The beginning of a new cold war?
2.5- Emergency of Russia into the global political picture
2.6- Upsurge of Populism and Nationalistic sentiments- An antidote to
-Modi's Hindutva's exclusion of minorities
-Brexit as the edifice of EU's fragmentation
2.7- Resurrection of Taliban and its implications on the global power
order and regional stablity
2.8 Middle East- A conflict zone and home of proxy wars

3-Pakistan's foreign policy- Determinants
3.1- Geography
3.2- Political
3.3- Economical
3.4- Religious

4-Pakistan's foreign Policy - Current Scenario
4.1- Deepening resentment with India over Kashmir issues leading to obscured political and economical ties.
4.2- China-Pakistan ties in the backdrop of CPEC and US-China conflict
4.3- The apparent hopes and threats of the new Taliban 2.0 government
4.4- Changing dynamics of the US-Pak relations with special refrence to Afghanistan and the former's tilt towards India
4.5- Pakistan's relation with the European Union- It's 3rd largest exporter
4.6- Cordial relations with the Muslim world with special reference to Turkey, Saudia and Malaysia
4.7- Support for the Palestinian cause and it's subsequent sour relations with Israel
4.8- Neutral stance in the Middle Eastern conflict.

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