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Originally Posted by dualipa View Post
Would you actually mind telling me what topic you wrote on and a brief outline?
I wrote on “Polarised politics: issues and challenges of democracy in Pakistan”

I don’t think my outline was something like this:

Polarised Politics in Pakistan
Challenges of Polarised politics in Pakistan’s democracy
1) Hung parliament/electoral mandate
2) Ethnic politics relative to popular politics
3) Politics of electables and horse trading
4) Intolerance among opposing political forces
5) Feudal-based politics
6) Biased press and media
7) Provincialism faultlines
Way Forward to mitigate Polarised politics challenges
1) Truth and Reconciliation among political forces
2) Constitutional framework for ethical relationship among parties
3) Criminalising ethnic-based politics
4) Land reforms to mitigate feudal influence
5) Code of conduct for media institution
6) Redrawing provinces on administrative lines

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