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Originally Posted by Zacade View Post
Did anyone solved this question?

"3. In the wake of WWII (1939-1945), two major powers the US and the Soviet Union emerged constituting a bipolar system. Elaborate conceptually if the bipolar world remained more peaceful and stable than the multi-polar world in the pre-World Wars era."

If yes kindly guide my which direction this question should go into.
I don't know the proper answer to this question; just have knowledge of half portion. In this question, the examiner is asking that whether a BI-POLAR world after WW2 was more peaceful or a multi-polar world that existed before WW1. Now to answer that, you should have knowledge of the pre-world wars era too. First, you have to take a stance. Then prove that by comparing both eras. During the Cold war, we have the Afghan War, Korean War, Vietnam War, Constant bickering of superpowers, and the Cuban Crisis which could have ended in a Nuclear War.

I don't have much knowledge about the Pre-World Wars era, but there were some engagements, too, for example, we can quote colonialism, the plight of Africa and China, and other important engagements.
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