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Originally Posted by amubarak
Here are my marks (i just cant believe i failed mercantile law and still passed)

Essay 44
Precis and Composition 57
Every Day Science 85
Current Affairs 46
Pakistan Affairs 65 (Genral Knowledge: 196)
Islamiat 62

Sociology 54
Mercantile Law 25
Geography 155 (78+77)
Psychology 151 (75+76)

Total in Written: 719

Viva Voce: 156

Aggregate: 873

Merit No: 27

P.S: There is a rule that if you fail one optional subject and pass in aggregate, you are declared pass. i just found out
From where did you get your Islamyat preparation? In which language Did you attempt your Islamyat paper, English or Urdu?

Originally Posted by Dr.G.AsgharMemon
@ F.S , Razdar, Asifr, lala, red hawkand all other qualifiers...

it has been found that C.A, pakistan affairs, essay and composition are very low scoring subjects... any one who is above 55 marks; blessed ones with 60 is supposed to be highest scorer in these subjects. 60 marks in these subjects must be considered 85 marks in eds!
I m taking this issue on the behalf of this whole forum members who want to give it their best shot. Please let us know in explanatory details how did u manage to get these huge numbers. share us your tips.
This forum is no less than an organized academy to us; where our guides are qualifiers....we are in the best company indeed, and surely in safe hands.
p.s : for the ease of addition to your proposed ways. tell us length of answer given, markers highlighters for ornating, style of writing which predominated mind of a qualifer;whether analytical, factual, examples mentioned in abundance, use of flow charts or maps, use of poems, anecdotes in essay? length of answers in composition, precis attempting pattern....
i sense that ths sounds a bit exhaustive, but your help shall not go in us!

Help us!!
Well, you 'll find loads of recommended books on this forum for the subjects you have mentioned...I think the defining factor in these subjects is "PAPER ATTEMPTION" i would recommend you to have a look at the tips being forwarded by LALA (Noor ul Ain Fatima) who topped CE-2008...The crux of her tips is also "paper attemption" like flow charts, quotes, diagrams, headings, sub headings, introductory paragraph, conclusionary parargraph, remaining to the point.

You can find some seriously good tips posted by amubarik (Ammara Mubarik) she stressed on the fact that one should not exceed 6-7 pages per question, time management is also very important during paper. Ammara also stressed on Introductary paragraph which should be very rich in content and conclusionary paragraph too...!!!! Best of luck from all CE-2008 qualifiers to all CE-2009 attempters

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