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Originally Posted by laibaamir View Post
I think you should start css preparation 6 months before your exam. 3 months for academy and 3 months for self study. If you can't afford to spend a lot of money on academies and migration to lahore then go for that is online platform for css preparation.
No nearpeer. Got very bad reviews regarding that academy. Better to search topics yourself on net. Or maybe you can take someone as a mentor who can guide you how to study. I mean how to tackle papers etc. And you can search in tips and experience sharing section here. Maybe you will become a mentor yourself after going through posts of that section.

And there is no set time frame. Some people even do it in 2 months. Even less than that. But there are other factors associated with it ,better English writing skills, analytical skills etc. So, best time to start preparation is right now and don't doubt your abilities.

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