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Default GK paper 14-11-2021 (Morning Batch)

Islamic Studies
1.Real name of Imam bukhari?
2. Hazrat Amna death place
3. Ayat ul kursi in which surat
4. First question after death about ?
5. Fatah Makka year ?
6. months with hurmat, sher ul Haram
7. 5th khalifa
8. Zul norain Sahabi ?pl no
9. Khalil Ullah ka laqab

1.who is Albert Einstein
2.Sun contains how much mass of total solar system
3. Father of cosmology
4. Female part of flower
5. RBC half life
6. time travel to reach sun light on earth
7. most dense planet of solar system
8. Steel is an alloy
9.Skin of which act as a respiratory process
10. minimum speed required to put a satellite in orbit around earth is called
11. Malaria medicine

Pak Studies
1.9 nov 1877 birth of?
2. In which year national anthm approved
3. CPEC stand for
4.first pakistani who recieved noble prize
5.sardar abdul rab nishtar was the governor of?
6.Objectives resolution was moved in assembly by?
7.maximum age limit for the retirement of supreme court judge?
8.who was the 2nd president of pak?
9.PTV transmission year
10. Lukhnow pact
11. Sarojini Nido
12. Lahore OIC Conference year
13. Ahmad shah abdali born in
14. Central Mohamaden formed by ??
15.1st constituent assembly formed on
16. Quaid addressed the CA date ?
17. Karkey power plant settlement with the help of ??
18. Third border crossing btw Pak Iran ?
19. Qazi isa khan which province
20. Pst 5+ GMT

Current Affairs
1.who is the current European ambassador to pakistan
2. largest bird
3.Sky eye launched by
4.who is incumbent Prime minister of turkey
5.In which continent japan is located?
6. Who was artist of famous painting "mona lisa"
7.Largest Island?
8. Total member of OIC
9. Sporting ban for four years
10. threatened to leave NPT
11.Largest reservoir of fresh water
12. CPEC circumvent which sea
13. Donbass area conflict
14.Un highest office
15.Most deaths per million in covid in?
16. Jalian wala Bagh ... General Dyer
17. Abdullah Shahid, President UNGA, Belongs to

1. Munno bhai column
2. Masjid e Qurtaba in which book
3. beera uthana meaning
4. Bakhye udhairna
5. ادب کی اصطلاح میں تنقید کے معنی
6. کووڈ پہ ناول "شہر خالی، کوچہ خالی" کا مصنف
7.ادب کی وہ اصلاح جس میں الفاظ کو نامانوس اور اجنبیت کے ساتھ لکھا جا تا ہے؟
8.جس کا یار کوتوال اس کاہے کا ڈر
9.آسمان کا تھوکا منھ پر ۔۔۔۔ اس کا کوئی بھی نہیں آنا تھا شاید
10.جن پہ تکیہ تھا وہی پتے ہوا دینے لگے ۔۔۔۔۔۔ شاعر کا نام؟
11.بالائے طاق رکھنا " محاورہہے، اس کا مطلب کیا ہے ۔۔۔۔۔ 1) فراموش کر دینا۔ 2) پرواہ نہ کرنا

1.CC stands for
2. shortcut key to apply format painter
3. New tab in web browser
4. MONTHLY mortgage payment commutation in excel
5. New work sheet in excel shortcut
6.Highlight the selection in excel shortcut
7.internet, wifi, link related MCQ
8. Right alignment shortcut
9. Default alignment
10. Left alignment
11. addition formula
12. Now () function for time ?
13. internet client of ?
14.Home key moves the cursor in the ..??
15. Email clients
16. Collection of designing tools, color, formats
17. SEO
18.To access one cell from another
19. Formula pellet
20. Word file default extension
21. MOD () function
22. Functions of excel, min, max, average
23. special format letter in the beginning
24. HTML full form
25. Use of HTML Language
26. F11 key in excel to create ?
27. Gutter margin in document for binding
28. Justify the. text in a column
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