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Originally Posted by Realistically View Post
I had practiced extensively. Wrote around 50 essays in all my 3 attempts most of these were full length essays. Took 5,6 mocks before exam which gave me an idea of my weakness.
can u please take a look at my my first attempt for PMS..just practicing past papers....

2-Importance of water
a) Islamic perspective
b) Importance of water in the light of quran and hadith.
c) Water as basic necessity
d) Economic importance of water availability
i) Pakistan, an agrarian economy
ii) clean drinking water and related health problems
iii) water pollution, soil pollution and polluted food crops
e) Social impact of scarcity of water
i) decline in agricultural production
ii) rise in inflation
iii) limited health care facilities, rise in epidemics and infant diseases
f) Political impact of availability of water
i) trust deficit among general public
ii) domestic unrest and threats of public rebellion
iii) democratic instability
g) National Security Threats
i) domestic unrest
ii) Creation of vacuum for non-state actors to take advantage (Indus water treaty and indo-pak relations)
h) Depleting water resources
i) unwise and unchecked wastage of water
ii) water theft
i) Water resource management
i)watershed management, range land management
ii) deforestation, soil erosion, floods and related issues
j) Water and global warming
i) unchecked industrialization
ii) variation in global temperature and emission of green house gases
iii) affect on wildlife, natural water reservoirs and siltation
k) Global concern
i) United nation framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC)
ii) World wide fund for nature (WWF)
iii) United Nations-Water (UN-water)
iv) Kyoto protocol, Paris agreement, COP26
3-Remedial measures
a) role of international and regional organizations United Nations, OIC, SAARC, SCO, ASEAN
b) public awareness and role of NGOs, media, educational institutes
c) administrative vigilance
i) water meters
ii) unchecked use of pesticides, insecticides, germicides and fertilizers
iii) management of industrial waste
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