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Dear Syeda Irum,

One of the main issues faced by newbies is their focus on putting all the facts and figures in an essay. It is because they usually see the newspapers articles filled with such data and thus assume that such things are an essential part of the essay. I do agree that putting facts and figures does give a good impression, but it is not necessary that one should know all.

Let me give you an example, "Pakistan is facing an increase in fiscal deficit from 5.3 percent to 6.1 percent of GDP over the last five years". This phrase does give an indication of how much knowledgeable you are about Pakistan's economy figures, but however, if one doesn't know such facts, what should she do?

A simple trick would be to write something like "Pakistan is continuously facing a consistent fiscal deficit over the years".

What is important is how do you put your ideas in a way that makes people understand what you are going to say and say it logically. So some tricks might work, even devoid of figures.

To write an essay, as per my understanding, one needs to know how to put your ideas logically and be consistent. The essentials you need are:
1. A good idea of history (A good book on the world's modern history would help)
2. Be logical (Not contradicting your own thoughts, smooth flow of ideas)
3. A little idea of writing (You can see a lot of YT videos on academic writing, persuasive writing, and critical writing, there are a lot of stuff on such topics on the internet)

One additional piece of advice, don't try to attempt an essay in such a way that you include all the details. It can never be completed as there are so many issues in one topic. All you need is the necessary topics that could give your essay the essential content to back up your arguments.
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