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Originally Posted by saqib ikramm View Post
Eng Portion
Synonyms of :



Do not Look () poor
Rejoice () victory
I sat () my wife and son
Send letter () my address
Persist ()

Point out Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences

ANF ACT 1997

Enforced on which date of April ?
Code means ?
Police Act (year) ?
Police Rules (year) ?
Superintendence and Administration shall vest on which Govt ?
One section was related with DG.
Army Act (year) ?
DG may authorize power in this behalf to arrest without warrant to rank not below of () ?
Any contravention of an order made under sub-section (4) or (5) shall be punishable to years () ?
ANF may seek assistance from () ?
Which Major punishment doesn't disqualify for future employment ?
Authority which can make stoppage of increment of Constable not more than 3 years ?
Authority who can dismiss Constable from service ?
Authority who can make Head Constable, reduction to lower rank ?
Power to make Rules by which Govt ?

Control of Narcotics Substances Act 1997

Punishment (years) for contravention of Section 12 ?
Punishment (years) for cultivation of Narcoticcs plant ?
Which section relates with Court's power to issue warrants ?
How many classes of Special Courts are memtioned in this act ?
Administrator is appointed under which section ?
Registration of Addicts is duty of which Govt. ?
Which Govt. shall bear all expenses for first time compulsory de-toxification of addicts ?
Power to make rules by which Govt ?

Civil Servants Act 1973

Under which section, posting and transfer is made ?
Duration of Probation of 17 Scale Officer is ?

Public Policy Questions

Questions were related with EVALUATION, FORMULATION, ADAPTION, IMPLEMENTATION and causes of barries.

Audit and Accounts Questions

Questions were related with power, procedure and functions of PUBLIC ACCOUNTS OFFICER (PAO), CHIEF FINANCIAL AND ACCOUNTS OFFICER (CFAO), FINANCIAL ADVISOR, Deputy F. A, AUDITOR GENERAL OF PAKISTAN along with 5 and 10 million grant can be approved by which authority.

Central Development Working Party
2 Questions were related to it.

Miscellaneous Questions

After CSS by FPSC, training academy name and city ?
Public Service Commission checks in interview : Physique, Qualification or act in interview ?
How to enhance team work ? Pecuniary incentive
How many types of recruitmemt by an Organization ?
Person is not permitted a driving Licence if he indulges in ? Alcohol
Cannabis cultivation may be permitted with Licence for ? Scientific purpose
Adult ratios in Pakistan who smoke ? 20/25/30 percent
Which shall have adverse effect on a pregnant woman ?
Which drug can cause to :

Mouth Cancer
Liver Cancer
Lungs Damage

8 alphabets with its theory founder name was there.

Most of the Candidates were dependent on CNSA with all its sections. However, this paper required prudence, analysis, observation, tricks and mental cultivation.

All the best
sir iski AD k test ki prep kahan se krain
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