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Yasir bhai, Allah aapko kaamyab karain. Academy puhunch k aap nay esi thread mein ye zarur batana hain phir k kitnu ko paisu aur sifarish per selection dilwayi gayi han. Naam na disclose karain. Lekin itna bataye gy phir k kitnay merit pe howay hain aur kitnay aur tareeqo say.
I talk this not because I'm a loser. But this is a truth. There are many who land in pms because of unfair means. Having said that, there also many candidates who get into the PMS because of their sheer hard work and luck. Even in the present PMS, there are many, including Yasir, who are the deserving ones.

How many have deliberately been failed is something which we will never know. However, how many have been passed and will be selected by unfair means is something about which we will know through the candidates selected through merit, i.e. Yasir and a few I know. Q k 15m mein pata lag jata hain k aglay ki level kiya hain.

Yasir bhai isharo isharo mein yaha per zarur share kerna phir.
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