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Originally Posted by Sahaktk View Post
Yasir Sir. Out of embarrassment or something else I can't share in the qualifiers group of pms regarding the optional I had selected.. my optional subjects were 1. Public administration, 2 Islamic history 3. Muslim law, 4 political science. Since the result have been declared, I'm eating my heart like why on earth I selected such low scoring subjects. I don't feel like going for interview. Tell me what to do. How can I know how much I have scored. So that I act accordingly. Today, while checking my patients, I felt like I have become heart patients with high palpitations
Yar kya hogaya hai? Let me tell you my story. Jab 2018 ka result aya tha I saw the dmcs of non-qualifiers. Majority kay pol sci mein score kam tha and mera be pol sci and psycho optional tha. Per mein nay us cheez ke tarf dehan nai dia and focused on the viva.

Ap apni tyari pay focus karay baqi Allah kay hawalay
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