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Originally Posted by yasirisrar View Post
Viva of candidate
Zone 5
Interview time around 35-40 min

The candidate entered the room, the panelists were eating something. They said they want to offer some to the candidate but will show a bad impression on the viva

1. Introduction from the candidate
2. ⁠the candidate mentioned playing cards as hobby, the chairman asked about it. However candidate had no knowledge about it
3. ⁠they asked about the candidates hobbies which he repeated and the wrote it down
4. ⁠they asked about a music intrument which the candidate did not know
5. ⁠they asked about a shair but the candidate could not answer it
6. ⁠then they asked about which book have you read. He answered
7. ⁠which 2 cities of pakistan are planned? Candidate answered islamabad and for second he couldnt, chairman said wah cantt
8. ⁠then a situation based question was asked. As DC sawabi if a jet crashes in mountains of swabi what will you do? Candidate answered
9. ⁠how will you tackle limited health care facilities issues in swabi?
10. ⁠significance of sargodha agriculturally, politically and militarily?
11. ⁠which type of leadership pakistan needs?
12. ⁠why holy roman empire is called holy?
13. ⁠what is sonic boom? What is speed of sound at that time?
14. ⁠why moon sighting is done for ramazan?
15. ⁠what is horsepower?
16. ⁠who coined horsepower?
17. ⁠what is rpm in car?
18. ⁠what is crank shaft?
19. ⁠what is carborator?
20. ⁠what is cam and follower?
21. ⁠questions about gears?
22. ⁠border between north and south korea? Why it is called that name?
23. ⁠types of leadership?
24. ⁠where was Napoleon sent after defeat?
25. ⁠who defeated Napoleon?
26. ⁠questions about institutions role in development of pak?
27. ⁠Asked about Falkland War: the date, the location, who was the PM of the UK, its significant. Didn't know it's significance so he explained.
28. ⁠Difference between culture and civilisation.
29. ⁠Chairman asked: If you go to a police station and they don't register your FIR, what has this last government initiated that could help you? I said online FIR, and he said no. I didn't know, so he said the Right to Services Act.
30. ⁠ What was the district called before it was named Sargodha? I didn't know. So, I was told it was Shahpur. Secretary Establishment asked this question.
31. ⁠Chitti Gatti Stupa kya hai? I started answering in Urdu, but Chairman sahab said answer in English, so I told him. He then asked why women go there? I said probably because it is associated with a Hindu female diety. He replied that it was the opposite. He then asked what the difference is between Hindus and the Muslims if both go to shrines to ask from the God?

Keep sharing this invaluable information sir. Jazakallah

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