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For current affairs paper, few tips and tricks are mentioned below:

On average, each answer should be compiled in 2 to 3 leaves of answer sheet (4 to 6) pages, if you are providing quality content to the examiner.

(Secret tip, the average length of each answer should be kept 5 pages in order to depict uniformity and make examiner ascertain that you have grip over the topics under consideration)

Answers must comprise of headings and sub-headings. (Headings and Sub-headings must be self-explanatory)

Try to incorporate maps, figures, tables and flowcharts in your answers. (This technique saves time a lot by making crisp answer)

Each answer must have an introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction of each answer must tend to throw light on the background/history of the topic under consideration in few sentences before highlighting current developments pertinent the same topic. Also, introduction should have a thesis statement, which actually sets the direction of an answer.

Body of the answer should have sub-headings that must be self-explanatory.

Conclusion must have an optimistic tone offering new vistas.

Same goes for Essay Paper.
Structuring depends upon the nature of the essay.
Most of the essay topics are expository in nature. (Try to answer W-H questions, define pros-cons, boons-banes, opportunities-threats, solutions-remedies, suggestions, SWOT analysis, etc.)
Look for different domains like Technological, social, economic, religious, cultural, environmental, political, etc.)
For further delving into details, or as the situation demands, apply level of analyses for discussing implications/effects/impacts, etc. at:

1. National level
2. Regional level
3. International level

In case the essay is argumentative essay, follow Hegelian method. (Thesis, Anti-thesis, synthesis and conclusion.)

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