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Lightbulb My Interview Details

Respected members!


May these lines find you in the best of your conditions (Ameen).

I am, by these lines, sharing the proceedings of my interview for information generally and as a pattern for upcoming interviews specially.
My interview has been a bit different because I have not been asked any question regarding informative aspect of knowledge e.g. about geographical, historical, islamic, or fixed kind of questions. Rather my interview was like a discussion in which the panel crafted the questions from within the answers that I furnished. In the following, I have reproduced as many questions as I can remeber.
(I have Urdu, Physics, Journalism, and IR as optional subjects and I am a mechanical engineer)

I was at no. 3 on the day of interview. 1st candidate was interviewed for approximately 50 minutes. When I was called for, it had been 55 minutes since 2nd candidate was called for viva.

The attendant opened the door for me and as I just stepped in, the Chairman, very pleasantly, welcomed me.
Mr. Chairman: Zaigham, Please come in, Assalam-o-Alaikum.
Mr. Chairman: Please Have a seat!
Mr. Chairman: How are you today!
Mr. Chairman: Please introduce yourself to the panel.
Mr. Chairman: (during my introduction) and what does your father do?
Mr. Chairman: You don't have mentioned book-reading as your hobby, so what do you do to kill the time?
Mr. Chairman: You have mentioned wrestling as one of your hobbies! what kind of wrestling that would be, free-style or what?

(After completion of my introduction, the Chairman, nodded me to the member at his right hand, Mr. Aziz)

Mr. Aziz: Zaigham, you have come from a specific region where a certain social system prevails that is Fuedalism, I have asked about this from many candidates but frankly nobody has satisfied me so far. What is your opinion about this system?
Mr. Aziz: You want to join police, keeping in view this situation, whom will you be answerable to, apnay fuedel lord ko ya IG ko?
Mr. Aziz: All right! what is the present state system in Pakistan? is it a presidential system or the parliamentarian system?
Mr. Aziz: Have the different steps taken by Gen. Musharraf increased or decreased the harmony between the provinces? It was one of the agenda points of the president when he took over!
Mr. Aziz: How can we boost our micro-economy you have just mentioned?
Mr. Aziz: Exactly what is needed for the quick progress of a country? an educated society, an established democracy, a strong economy, foreign policies and relations, or a selfless dictator who is determined to make his nation progress!
Mr. Aziz: You have mentioned Chairman Mou, did China not start progressing when Mou left the govt and his policies were changed?
Mr. Aziz: India is progressing more quickly than Pakistan! What do you think of the reasons behind this fact?

(After completion of my answer Mr. Aziz referred to the 3rd member, Mr Kazi)

Mr. Kazi: You are a Mechanical engineer, What have been your subjects?
Mr. Kazi: Yes i mean the courses that you have been taught during Mech. Engineering!
Mr. Kazi: What is CNC machine?
Mr. Kazi: Can you manufacture a gear box?
Mr. Kazi: What is steel tempering?
Mr. Kazi: Can you tell me what are the laws of motion?
Mr. Kazi: What are the applications of these laws?
Mr. Kazi: How can these laws be applied to the motion of a car?
Mr. Kazi: Who was Einstein?
Mr. Kazi: You know he was a philosopher also!
Mr. Kazi: What is his most famous contribution towards Science?
Mr. Kazi: Can you give me the practical example of his equation?
Mr. Kazi: How can time stop for a person or body?
Mr. Kazi: You know that a very delicate balance is prevailing in the system of universe! what implications will occur agar yeh system thora sa bhi disturb ho jaye?
Mr. Kazi: Ok thank you.

(I started to rise from the chair to get up when Mr. Chairman said...)

Mr. Chairman: Zaigham, You are a very courageous and energetic young man! you want to join Police! You know there are many malicious political pressures that are put on a police officer in our society! Saray officer police join kerne se pehle buland da'way kerte hain keh woh system ko badal ker rakh dein ge laikin bad'kismati se woh bhi system ka ek hissa ban jate hain! so do you find yourself committed enough to even resign from your service if you have to face such kind of ill political pressures? Misaal ke taur per aap ko Chief Minister kehte hain keh ja ker fulaan banday ko utha lo and the circumstances are so that you can not refuse him, but on the other hand you will not compromise on principles! What will be your decision? will you resign from service? Remember that we have never heard or read in a newspaper that any police-officer has ever resigned from his service due to these pressures!
(I started to explain in an orderly manner about my stance in this regard when the Chairman interupted me...)
Mr. Chairman: No just give me the answer straightaway! YES or NO!
(I again started to build a preamble statement but he interupted me again...)
Mr. Chairman: yes I know that you have an alternative but WILL you or WILL you NOT resign?
(I gave my statement and when I had finished...)
Mr. Chairman: Ok thank you Zaigham! that's all! Have a very nice day!

(I rose from the chair, buttoned my coat, reinstated the chair, and moved out of the room)

(The total time for which I was present in the interview room was exactly 53 minutes)

With best of regards and luck for every honoured member,

What we do in our lives, echoes in eternity!
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