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@ Yasir:
Never turn a blind eye to facts. Like it or not, the army has been ruling the country for over 5 years now. If you see economic prosperity, it could be due to the present govt's policies, but the most vital role in improving our foreign reserves and boosting our economy is played by our Pakistani individuals who've returned from either the US or other western nations with their life savings, due to the post-9/11 circumstances.

Kia Qadeer Khan ko TV per poori qaum say maafi mangwaaker hamaari fauj nay qaum kay jazbaat ka khoon nahi kiya? a few years back, in 1999, A.Q. Khan had visited our school, believe it or not, you should've seen the passion amongst the students, the love and respect in their eyes..... he was then named the Hero of the nation. Today they call him a cheat, a traitor or in the Western media's terms, "the nuclear proliferator", running "Khan Network". If you could not respect him, ask those who respected him from the core of their hearts for what he had done for our beloved country, and respect him to this day. Today, you're telling these people, v're a nuclear power? WELL HELLO!!! the guy who brought it here, is under house arrest, he's not allowed to move freely in his own very motherland, they've isolated him as if he were a dangerous criminal. Not fair.

I happen to be a Karachiite. day by day, i see the law nd order situation worsening. Either its the people of karachi, or its neglection of duty on the part of our law-enforcing agencies. Crimes are at their peak. Not a soul feels safe in karachi while speaking on their cell phone outdoors, "hidden hands" snatch cell phones as if it were their right, and if you dare to resist them, they don't mind pulling the trigger once, twice or even thrice. I've witnessed innocent ppl being shot 6 bullets for the sake of a Rs.3000 worth cell phone. You call this tackling challenges? I call this a terrible defeat. If an army govt. with all its might and power cannot bring peace to one city, let alone state affairs!

true, we are a prominent state of the muslim ummah, but unfortunately, we haven't been acting as a muslim nation lately. Truly pointed out by Muskan... Basant. I'm sure Ch. Pervaiz ilahi had announced that due to the sad tragedy of the devastating earthquake, we shall not celebrate Basant this year.... but look at the ignorance, the courts are allowing it now! Ask those poor people who lost their young children to this silly event, learn how they feel.

Nevertheless, i'm still inclined to say the nation is innocent, its the leaders who either make it or destroy it. Unfortunately, ours happens to be a rather poor nation, and our army happens to be rich, as to where the army gets all the resources to maintain the Mercedes Benzs and the high security protocol of the army officers (a report said Rs.6 crore/month = security protocol cost of Musharraf alone) , i won't say its the tax money of these poor masses............................................ ......aagay aap khud samjhiye. and by the way, theres nothing wrong in criticizing what u can identify clearly. No one was being pessimistic, we all look forward to a bright future insha'ALLAH.


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