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Salam everybody,

You are very right Muskan that

it is stated in Quran that ...when God wants to punish any nation for its misdeeds ,,He imposes bad leaders on them.........

We all know these facts that the problem lies with our leaders but who elected them, who give oppertunity them to rule us. Are not we electing the same leaders again and agian, from the same clad, from the same origion?

Muskan, you are right that who has asked to join these immoral, unislamic celebrations but could u justify that how much this media and the moderation of society effecting our kids, the young brains of the kids. There is poison wrapped in sweat and attractive colors? even knowing about the poison, any sane person can move to eat that wrapped poison.

Please give solution of this problem that lies in ourselves, in our masses. How can we get rid of this?

As I have only one solution of this problem and that is litteracy and education of the masses and the obligation of Reading quran with translation before matriculation for every student. Education in its true meanings can only solve our problems and can give us the visioin for our political and social system.


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