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Default Answers of Q.6 (a)

Q.6. (a) Use ONLY FIVE of the following in sentences with illustrate their meaning: (5)
Extra attempt of any Part of the question will not be considered.

(i) Leave in the lurch.
(ii) Hard and fast.
(iii) Weather the storm.
(iv) Bear the brunt.
(v) Meet halfway.
(vi) Turncoat.
(vii) Where the shoe pinches.

1.When he was shocked by the death of his friend, everyone left him in lurch.
2.There are no hard and fast rules for learning english
3.He lost his job,but somehow his family whethered the storm.
4.Ordinary citizens will bear the brunt of higher taxes.
5.They settled argument by agreeing to meet each other halfway.
6.The turncoat betrayed his country.
7.He knows other subjects are easy but , essay-writing is where the shoe pinches.

Any corrections and suggestions are fully admired.
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