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Default PA Preparation


1 -Struggle for pak by i. H qureshi or towards Pakistan by waheed uz zaman or making of Pakistan by k.k. aziz. (Select from these which u can understand………k.k. aziz is philosophical, struggle is a bit more informative and towards had good quotes…………u can blend all of these by joilting down imp points or only by reading them………..its ur choice).

2 -towards Pakistan (by star book depot………..this is text book of b.a and is best covering portion from 1857 to 1947) this is a must book to read.

3 -pakistan affairs by rabbani………….NEVER consult this for this part BUT the 1st chapter of ideology.

4 -I made notes from different sources, some of which I don’t remember now, on following topics:

· advent of Europeans and there effects (political development of Pakistan by dr. sultan and k.ali’s book part 2)
· shah waliullah (don’t remember source)
· shah ismaeel shaheed(_do_)
· the last mughals and the decline (-do-)
· war of independence(central liberary, QAU)
· names of lords and viceroys.
· shahwaliullah and aligarh(-don remmembr sourse)
· muslim movements for renescience(army liberary)
· hindo reform movements (army librery)
· political thought of Iqbal (Towaards pak by waheed uz zaman)
· why pak was founded, etc.


1- Constitutional development by g. w chaudhary, a study of poltical development 1947-97 by hamid yusuf, foreign policy of Pakistan by dr salahuddin (require updating but over all is good), political development of Pakistan by dr. safdar mahmood and Pakistan affairs by rabbani (use it for the period after constitution making till end…… out this book is regurly updated for recent topics so try to keep updated for this book chapters).
2- I made notes on following topics, and again I don’t remember the exact sources:

· role of Quaid I Azam as first gov. gen.
· Role of liaqat as P.M.
· 1971 and ideology after 1971 ( central library, QAU)
· The 3 constitutions.
· Objective resolution.
· Brief history till 1988, etc.

This is the most demanding subject to study, especially for its low scoring value and lengthy course.

(Thanx Malika)
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