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Originally Posted by Dolokhov
i wrote on '' Pkistan's war on terror and its affects on psyche and socio-politico-economic fronts''
my outl ine was

2. Definition of terrorism by EU, League of nations, FBI and diff scholars
3. types of terrorism(in the world and why, who, where )
4.types of terrorism in pakistan
a) National terrorrism
b) State
c) religious

(i mentioned areas, parties, provinces etc and everything and why,where,who. briefly)
5. pak-afghan population, their relation(pushtoons,tajiks, hazaras,uzbeks etc)
insecure boder etc (i wrote in detail but at this moment it is difficult to recollect the memory)

6. Evolution of terrorrism
a) soviet Russia invaded Afghanistan
b) Americas role and birth of mujahideens (in detail)
c) Civil war in Afganistan and rise of Taliban etc
7. 9/11 and pakistan's decision of joining AmericaŠ war on terror
8.Pkistan's contribution(2001 to 2009)
9. Effect of war on psyche(2 pages)
10. Challenges for pakistan on
a) social front (in detail 3 to 5 pg)
b) political(2 pg)
c) economic(3 to 5)

11) Suggestions to improve ....... may be condition (i forget) 2 or 3 pg
12) conclusion(1 page)
Overall your essay was good. You have addressed both the parts of the essay "Pakistan's war on terror" and "its effects on psycho/socio/politico/economic fronts''. I am hopeful you will score well InshAllah.
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