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NOTE: (i) First attempt PART-I (MCQ) on separate Answer Sheet which shall be taken back after 30 minutes.
(ii) Overwriting/cutting of the options/answers will not be given credit.


Q.1 Select the best option/answer and fill in the appropriate box on the Answer Sheet.

(1) ______________ is called the first romantic critic.
(a) Wordsworth
(b) Longinus
(c) Horace
(d) Sidney
(e) None of these

(2) _______________ defines a play as a just and lively image of human nature.
(a) Dr. Johnson
(b) Shakespeare
(c) Dryden
(d) Coleridge
(e) None of these

(3) ‘SARTOR RESARTUS’ is a prose work by:
(a) John Ruskin
(b) Carlyle
(c) Bacon
(d) Lamb
(e) None of these

(4) The period of English literature from 1660 to the end of the century is called:
(a) Renaissance
(b) Jacobean Period
(c) Restoration Period
(d) Romantic Age
(e) None of these

(5) ‘Stream of Consciousness’ is the phrase first used by:
(a) James Joyce
(b) William James
(c) Virginia Woolf
(d) William Faulkner
(e) None of these

(6) ______________ consists of nine-eight five foot iambic lines followed by an iambic line of six fed with rhyme scheme ab ab bc bcc:
(a) Octometer
(b) Sonnet
(c) Terza Rina
(d) Spenserian Stanza
(e) None of these

(7) A phrase, line or lines repeated at intervals during a poem and especially at the end of a stanza is called:
(a) Period
(b) Refrain
(c) Feminine Ending
(d) Alexandrine
(e) None of these

(8) Shaw’s ‘Man and Superman’ is an example of:
(a) Comedy of Errors
(b) Comedy of Manners
(c) Comedy of Ideas
(d) Romantic Comedy
(e) None of these

(9) ‘Verslibre’ is called as:
(a) Free Verse
(b) Blank Verse
(c) Free meter
(d) Iambic
(e) None of these

(10) Placing Phrase or Sentences of similar construction and meaning and balancing each other is called:
(a) Parallelism
(b) Alliteration
(c) Para Rhyme
(d) Rhetoric
(e) None of these

(11) ‘Hamlet and Oedipus’ was written by:
(a) Bradley
(b) Dover Wilson
(c) Earnest Jones
(d) Freud
(e) None of these

(12) ‘Haste me to know’t, that I, with wings as Swift as meditation or the thoughts of love, May Sweep to my revenge’ is a speech from.
(a) Lear
(b) Macbeth
(c) Othello
(d) Hamlet
(e) None of these

(13) ‘Macbeth and Oedipus’ is by:
(a) W. H. Auden
(b) Earnest Jones
(c) Nicoll
(d) Freud
(e) None of these

(14) Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes are:
(a) Husband and wife
(b) Brother and Sister
(c) Father and daughter
(d) Friends
(e) None of these

(15) The Eve of St. Agnes is a poem by:
(a) Milton
(b) Keats
(c) Byron
(d) Blake
(e) None of these

(16) ‘The Olive Tree’ is a collection of essays by:
(a) Ruskin
(b) Carlyle
(c) Huxley
(d) Oscar Wilde
(e) None of these

(17) The poem “Wind” is written by:
(a) Shelley
(b) John Ashbery
(c) Sylvia Plath
(d) Ted Hughes
(e) None of these

(18) ‘Egotistical Sublime’ is a phrase coined by:
(a) Keats
(b) Wordsworth
(c) Coleridge
(d) Byron
(e) None of these

(19) ‘Apologie for Poetrie’ is written by:
(a) Arnold
(b) Philip Sidney
(c) Pope
(d) Dryden
(e) None of these

(20) ‘I count religion but a toy’ is a line from Marlowe’s play:
(a) Dr. Faustus
(b) The Jew of Malta
(c) Tamburlaine
(d) Edward II
(e) None of these


NOTE: (i) PART-II is to be attempted on the separate Answer Book.
(ii) Attempt ONLY FOUR questions from PART-II. All questions carry EQUAL marks.
(iii) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be considered.

Q.2. “In Hamlet we see a great, an almost enormous intellectual activity and a proportionate aversion to real action consequent upon it.” Examine this remark by Coleridge.

Q.3. “Faithful Observation, personal detachment, and a fine sense of ironic comedy are among Jane Austen’s Chief Characteristics as a writer.” Discuss and illustrate from ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

Q.4. Discuss ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ as a mock epic.

Q.5. ‘Pygmalion is described as ‘A Romantic in Five Acts’ by Shaw whereas it is anti-romantic in Spirit’ Do you agree? Substantiate your view by illustrating from the play.

Q.6. ‘Yeats’ symbols, like his mask, by their triple reference to self, world, and spirit achieve on the aesthetic plane a unity of bring impossible in life. Interpret Yeats’ Poem ‘BYZANTIUM’ in the light of this remark.

Q.7. Frost had rejected the revolutionary Principles of his Contemporaries, choosing instead ‘the old fashioned way to be new’. He employed the plain speech of rural New ENGLANDERS and preferred the Short, traditional forms of lyric and narrative. Discuss by illustrating from the poems you have read.

Q.8. “Nothing else so truly reflects the age and redeem it.” How far is it a just remark about T. S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land”?
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