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Originally Posted by Red.Hawk
Well...I have been lucky enough to see the original Press Release issued by the establishment Division, The press release is of around 20 pages and the reason why establishment division stopped the dailytimes from publishing the remianing one is the payment issue, as the Press Release is too lengthy to be published FREE...Initially Dailytimes issued the part of the press release on their on and when payment issue was raised the establishment division stopped them to release.

Now as per PID Islamabad the Press Release might not be issued in the newspaper and it could only be uploaded on the Division's website but as special things are happening to 37th Common, there have been problems to upload such a heavy file "sources said"

PS: I request all the qualifiers not to panic...I have seen the press release and there are no changes in that...and interestingly the Offer Letters are being Dispatched, we might get Offer letter before the press release is put on the website.
If the reason behind not publishing the full list is payment then i think we 357 allocated people should make a contribution to Estb Div heheh

Originally Posted by koolestmaverick
@ All

The allocated candidates have to send their acceptance letters signed to SO(T-V),Establishment Division,Cabinet Block,Islamabad either on fax @ 051-9201526 or via urgent mail service latest by 26th of July 2009. Acceptance letters are being dispatched...

How are we expected to send the acceptance letters by 26th of july when the result has not been published on the establishment division website???
and secondly will we receive acceptance letters from the establishment division by mail??
26th July mein din he kitnay reh gaye hein?... today is 14th n we r yet to receive anything from Estb. Div. Btw i will make a photo copy of that letter n place it in a frame...
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