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@ honey 123
dear if u have read botany only uptill the level of F.Sc , then i must suggest u that dnt go for it and the reason behind this is that its a v vast n lengthy subject and botany whch we have read uptill the level of F.Sc is not enough strong back up to support at the level of CSS exam. means there were only two or three capters of botany in F.SC just like ABC of botany and here the syllabus is v much extensive in case of CSS. i hope you got the point.

as far as ur other qustion is concerned that whether its scoring or not , dear it depends upon you , if you have an interest n aptitude for botany n u can make v good notes which will help you to attempt the papers , then it might become a high scoring subject but only if u attempt the answers with proper hadings n diagrams n labelling. i hope that u would get this point also.

Best of luck n regards.
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