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This nomination was withdrawn on the efforts of Assosiation of Former Ambassidors(ASA).They wrote a letter to PM enumerating the reasons why the decision was wrong, and requested the prime minister that, in the light of his commitment to good governance and of making appointments on merit and competence alone, the decision of appointing Jahanzeb Khan to Paris be reversed.Even they threatned to opt for legal recourse.

No one can deny that Foresin Postings are prerogative to FSP and they must fight for their rights.But appointment of Jahanzeb khan was not first issue of violation of rules.Why AFA close its eyes on the other gross voilations? Recently daughter of Makhdoom Ameen faheem was appointed as first secretary in Ireland Ambassy igonoring all the rules and regulations.She has no prior experience of diplomatic service.Even she could not qualify CSS exam in 2007.
Why this strong reaction? Is it simply because the nominee is not from the PFS? Are our current envoys to USA or UK from the PFS? One never heard any hue and cry when non-diplomats were posted there only recently. In martial law days generals or friends of the strongmen have regularly been posted in these countries, which probably account for eighty percent of our foreign policy.
Most of our foreign policy issues pertain to six countries/posts: i.e., USA, UK, China, India, Saudi Arabia, UN. But interestingly four out of the six of the ambassadors posted there are not from the Foreign Office. The policy on two main issues of life and death importance to Pakistan: i.e., Afghan policy and the Kashmir policy is not made in the Foreign Office.

Why FSP emain silent on these issues?i enquired from a journalist and he told me that there are some forces active to defame President Zardari.It is learnt that Mr jahanzeb khan had know prior acquaintance with Zardari.The president of Pakistan visitd France, where the president of France, in one of the meetings, mentiond perhaps the only Pakistani he knows (Jahanzeb khan)and praises his abilities. The Pakistan president decides to try out the young man as the ambassador, knowing the immense advantage in diplomacy, of having access to the man in power.Mr Guillaume Sarkozy,elder brother of incumbant French President, did visit Karachi at the instance of Jehanzeb, who was the commercial counsellor in Paris at the time.

I often wonder that what our media is doing?It is the most unregulated but extremly powerful segment of our society that follow no ethics.I would like to share few facts regarding our media.

1-There is no trade union allowed in media

2-They donot follow any code of conduct or ethical practices.For example TV chanels can run the commercial not more than 10 minutes in a hour .Same way Newspapers are required to reserve a limited space for commercials ,but what happens actualy?.I have seen 90 pc of even front page full of adds.

3-There is a practice in all the civilized socities that one person/group can not run TV channel along with a newspaer simultaniously.So BBC and CNN canot issue its newspaper and Washington Post can not run a TV Channel.

4-Contrary to the Ethical practices ,Ownership and Editorship of the newspaper remains in the same hand. APNS and CPNE are two organisatios of Newspaper owners and Editors but one can observe that both organisation are cats paws to the owners of 2 groups.

5-There are 07 newspapers being published by Proprty Dealers????

6-Media is required to pay a certain percentage of its gross income to the Govt. but it is never deposited in the treasury.

i ll share some more informations in next sitting......Cont
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