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Default Essay (ASP AYAZ)

Salam to all,
Now I will discuss different sources of knowledge for the preparation of Essay.I want to make it clear that there is no quick-fix for the preparation of CSS in general and Essay in specific.It concerns me that most of the people either get the advice as taken for granted or they get it so burden-some and avoid to take it seriously.I humbly advise all the aspirants to be serious.I ve nothing to do with who qualifies or who does not as I ve no competition with anyone of you.So whatever I am sharing with you is a practical experience.Though the sources I will suggest,may sound difficult to conult with but I am telling you with complete responsibility that whoever wants to be a good,career civil-servant must try to ponder over what I am suggesting.This is a humble advice of your senior brother.
I will suggest the following sources:
ONE, get the following reference books:


Acquaint yourslef with the major terminologies and the perspectives(Schools of thought) of the afore-mentioned disciplines.
TWO, always read current ECONOMIC SURVEY OF PAKISTAN.It contains valuable information regarding the policies of the Government.
THREE,there is another very important document,currently available on the website of Finance Division.That is POVERTY REDUCTION AND GROWTH FACILITY(PRGF)Paper II.This will make your concepts crystal-clear.
FOUR,make it your habit to read the REPORTS prepared by different renowned organizations like WORLD BANK etc.I recommend World Bank,s annual Development Report and Mehboob-ul-Haq Centre,s yearly report on different issues.I can provide it copies to you.
FIVE,a famous source of knowledge for the competitioners--NEWSPAPER.Yes it is a good source if one can consult it properly.
I ve mentioned the sources.There are many other documents,reports and periodicals which can be cited here but we want to be good examinee and not scholars.So try to consult these books and sources of knowledge.
These things may sound difficult but I assure you these are very simple,interesting and easy to comprehend.
In the next postings I will discuss the organization of Essay and how to consult these sources of knowledge.

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