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1. Question: Why does your voice sound different to you on a recording?
Answer: When you hear yourself speak regularly, the sound waves emanate through the tissue, bone, and other material, which changes its sound.

2. Question: Do you move faster when swimming under the water or half-submerged?
Answer: You move faster under the water

3. Question: You are sitting in a baseball game in bleachers far from the field. You see the batter hit the ball and then you hear the crack of the bat. Why the delay?
Answer: Light travels almost one million times faster than sound.

4. Question: What are mirages?
Answer: Optical phenomenon due to temperature differences of the surface and air directly above the surface

5. Question: Why does one sometimes have red-eyes in photographs?
Answer: The pupil doesn't have enough time to constrict and the picture records the reflection of the red retina in the back of the eye.

6. Question: It is estimated that there are about 100 occurrences of lightning throughout the world each second. How many of these strike ground?
Answer: 25

7. Question: Why is the moon small when it is high overhead in the sky, and large when it is near the horizon?
Answer: Near the horizon, the brain scales the size of the moon to trees and buildings.

8. Question: Which of the following has been known to curdle milk?
Answer: Thunderstorms

9. Question: Can pearls be found within mussels?
Answer: Yes

10. Question: What would happen if you soaked a raw egg in vinegar for 24 hours?
Answer: The shell would turn rubbery
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