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Originally Posted by Last Island View Post
7.31. English (Précis & Composition): Standard and performance level of candidates was extremely weak. Out of 3482, 92 percent candidate failed. 7 percent secured 40-49 marks, while 1 percent obtained 50-59 marks and one candidate got 60-69 marks. Candidates did no know how to write précis and also lacked comprehension of subject.

7.32. Essay:
Out of 3505 appeared candidates, only 1 percent got above 60 marks, 9 percent candidates obtained 50-59 marks while 46 percent secured 40-49 marks. 44 percent failed in the paper. Overall result was indicative of a widespread lack of objective judgment. Instructions categorically required building this aspect through given forms of discourse. Around 80% candidates either ignored it or misunderstood the guideline due to lack of organizational attributes. Another factor contributing negatively was a grossly misplaced reliance on preparatory help books with meaningless stocks phrases and irrelevant references, taking away originality from candidates. Two distinct categories of candidates, one with good expression but muddled thought process and the other with clear thought lines but defective language ability, clearly indicated diametrically opposed education system in our country.

Oh my God!

Pass percentage
Composition: 8%
Essay: 56%
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