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Default My Interview (16-02-2010, @ 1:00 pm)

I was a bit nervous before arrival at the interview centre.
However was relaxed when i entered in the room.
Rana sb started the interview by telling me about by my profile related to my professional life-I am working in SBP and previously in PnD Isb.
Q:Then Rana sb asked my opinion regarding the current judicial crises.
Q:He said as CL was one of the subjects tell me about the unique things in the UK & US constitutions which are not present in other constitutions of the world.
Q:He asked whether the conventions in the UK constitution been incorporated in the constitution
Q: He further asked about my favourite personality
Q: He asked about the author of one of my favourite books

Then Saud Gohar started his session:

Q: You are working in SBP so tell us about your responsibilities there
Q: What are the causes of inflation in the country
Q:How would you curtail it
Q: Why is investment in the country so low
Q: What measures do you so in SBP to curb inflation and how would you increase investment

Asif Shah

Q: Why do you want to join the police? Are you not happy with your current job.
Q: What is Fiscal Constraints Act (I think it was think it this Act)
Q: Do you believe in garnering public support for wiping out corruption from the police department
Q: What unique initiatives would you bring as a police officer
Q: How would you face political pressure in performance of your duties
Q: Do you have any police officer as your ideal
Q: what are contributions of Shaikh Ayaz in Sindhi literature

3rd Member

Q: What are prudential regulations
Q: What are unusual transactions
Q: How does SBP deal with unusual transactions
Q: What do unusual transactions lead to

Overall environment was very much conducive and the panel was very co-operative.
Zahid Morio
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