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Default Best Pakistani Web Sites !

Best Pakistani Education Sites:
Considering that the driving force behind the Internet's popularity in Pakistan is the student community, it is a surprise that few attempts are underway to cash in on the education market. Websites like eTaleem and U2Test easily rise to the top due to the distinctive nature of the services they offer on the scant e-learning scene - minus the presence of XYZ institutes and schools online, mind you. Judging on the basis of quality content and variety, we drew up a handful of links that students of all ages will find useful in their search for local educational references.

British Council Pakistan
Urdu Word
Students Guru

Best Pakistani Health and Fitness Sites:

Who needs the fountain of youth, when you can get the best in health by the click of a mouse? Admittedly, the online efforts initiated by Pakistanis are no but our own distinctive lot of medical help and fitness sites are no short of pleasant surprises. Our November 2000 coverstory explored Telemedicine in detail and as a result received tremendous feedback from doctors and health buffs alike. There is a great demand for locally developed health content however users need to be aware of the dangers involved in following practical instructions or medical advise offered online without appropriate authentication. Our pick of good health resources follows.
ETaleem's Health Page

Best Pakistani History and Culture Sites:

Are you a history buff? If yes, check out these sites and have your dream treat.

The Chronicle of Pakistan
Muslim Culture
Geological Survey of Pakistan
Pakistan - The Land of the Pure
52 Years of Independence - A Flashback
Welcome to Pakistan
Happy Birthday, Pakistan
Independence Day
14th August 1999
Independence Day
August 14, 1999 and Quaid-e-Azam

Best Pakistani Politics Sites:

To believe or not to believe, that is really the question. If the Internet would have been around two decades ago, it would be very popular with politicians and their potential voters - there were no 'free' public forums to speak of then. It is proving popular with the politicians today but it is hard to say what their target audience makes of the lengthy mission statements online. A few years of public scrutiny, not to mention the same politicians' time in office has made netizens skeptical of all the hot air blowing off the Websites of major political parties in the country. Why we think you should give them a click? Because the politically inclined have done a darn good job of it.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Pakistan Awami Tehreek

Best Pakistani Religious Sites:
For faithfuls surfers, the Web is definitely infinite the options are endless. From Quranic desktop utilities to prayer alerts, surfers can download all sorts of software to make their journey in cyberspace meaningful. The nominations sent to SPIDER were all from Muslim surfers and we hope next time around, minority netizens send us some nice surprises as well. Feeling spiritual? About time you get connected.

Islamic Gateway
History of Islam
QuranNetworking Islam

Best Pakistani Business and Finance Sites:

E-commerce and e-banking are still novel ideas as far as the Pakistani IT scene is concerned. Although a number of company sites have emerged in cyberspace, online businesses still have a long way to go. Check out the best of the lot.

Standard Chartered
Adamjee Insurance Company Limited
Kalia Group

Best Pakistani News and Media Sites:

The Internet signifies one basic thing - easy access to information. Within a few seconds, one can get information about the remotest countries of the world, the latest on political and social issues, and the newest buzz on trends in lifestyles, etc. SPIDER takes its reader on a trip to the haven of all information best news and media sites. Read on to find out who's who in the media arena.

DAWN Group of Newspapers
Jang Group of Newspapers
Nawa-I-Waqt Group of Newspapers
Friday Times
Business Recorder
Daily Ausaf
Pakistan & Gulf Economist
The Frontier Post

Best Pakistani Shopping Sites:
When people talk about clicking over to Amazon to book the latest Grisham best-seller or placing orders for pizzas online, most Pakistani netizens heave out a huge sigh. But in a country where legislative approval for credit card transactions is still stuck in thick red tape, the words 'online store' have become synonymous with e-commerce.
The Karachi Airport Duty Free Shop

Best Pakistani Art and Literature Sites:
There is a thin line that lies between Art and Literature. Both are reflective of a civilization's culture at any given time in history. Checkout SPIDER's pick of the best Art and Literature sites from Pakistan.

Allama Iqbal
Amir Khusro
Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Urdu Shairy
Imran Omer's Art Pages
Arif Imam's Digital Paintings
Paintings by Ijaz Ul Hassan
Takhti Art
Landscape Photography of Asrar-ul-Haq

Best Pakistani E-zines: With the advent of the Internet, magazines have been given the opportunity to get wider coverage. While few of them are exclusive to the Web, most e-zines are an extension of the hard copy magazines available in the market, which are now offering some or all of their content for free online. At present, the number of Web surfers in the country is expanding at a phenomenal pace, and they are fast turning to e-zines for information and entertainment purposes.
Pakistan Christian
Sports Masala
ITPak News

Best Pakistani Sports Sites:
What comes to mind when you think of sports in Pakistan? Cricket? Right - cricket and cricket alone. Check out some of the sport as well as cricket sites for aspiring athletes and fans.

SAF Stars Club
Official Sports Site
Sports Masala
Ju-Jitsu Fed
Pak Chess
Pakistan Cricket Board

Best Pakistani Unusual Sites: Unusual. Exceptional. Strange. Creative. Imaginative. Here are the best of Pakistan's strangest sites. Whatever your level of interest or your own particular area of weird obsession, the browsing fields of the enthusiasts provide some very rich pickings indeed.

Pakistan Aviation
Join Us On The Web
Drought In Pakistan

Best Pakistani Children Sites:
Children form a large segment of the Net community. This is especially true of the cyberjunkies in Pakistan. Keeping this in mind a number of sites that cater to Pakistani children have been developed locally. SPIDER checks out the best for kids online.

13th Planet
Igloo Fun
LU Kids
My Page
Cyber Kids
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