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Originally Posted by faizajameela View Post
salam:dr noor ur fan when u got 1st position on css.. im faiza shaikh from larkana first atepmt in 2011 of css exams.. but my english is very low..but im very confused how i start study.. idnt hve idea so plzz give me ideas when u strt study..plzz if u can share with me so thnks alot..thnks by khudahfiz..w8ing 4 u r reply.......
Although your query is directed towards the topper, but I would advise you to work on Language skills before even starting CSS Preparation. If you are not proficient enough in English, CSS will remian a dream and you will end up with no good marks. For this
1. Buy some good English Grammar basic books. Learn the sentence formation and structure from there. There is no harm in starting from the very roots if you are one of those ''never-exposed-to-real-English''.
2. Read an English daily on regular basis e.g Dawn, The News etc
3. After you have developed basic skills, learnt grammatical rules, go on to buy some good English Novels like Harry Potter. They will inculcate in you the basic sentence structure.
4. Join some library in Larkana and read good English books there.
5. If you feel you are unable to improve English yourself, hire a tutor of repute provided that you can afford this.
6. If you can afford, join some academy to have some basic language courses in Larkana or somewhere else.
7. Buy Oxford Student's dictionary.
Best of Luck
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